Main Functions of a Data Room

In a broad sense, a data room is a combination of technical, software, and organizational support, as well as personnel, designed to provide the right people with the right information in a timely manner.

What Can We Say About the Data Room?

We can say that a virtual data room is a kind of extranet, so it is not public and does not only work within your own company, as it does on an intranet. The use of virtual data rooms is primarily for management and compliance purposes, not to improve the user experience.

The main goal of working with the data room is to achieve maximum protection efficiency through the simultaneous use of all the necessary resources, methods, and means that exclude unauthorized access to protected information and ensure the physical safety of its carriers. It refers to systems of the organizational-technological (socio-technical) type, since the general organization of protection and the solution of a significant part of the tasks is carried out by people (organizational component), and information protection is carried out in parallel with the technological processes of its processing (technological component).

A serious incentive for conducting promising research in the field of data room is the constantly growing quantitative and qualitative changes in the field of informatization that have taken place recently and which, of course, must be taken into account in the concepts of information security. The importance of developing guidance on disposing of assets to address unforeseen problems, even if it is only one transaction, is demonstrated by the correlation between those companies that have such leadership and those that are successfully growing in value.

The ability to get, save and process the complete history of the client’s interaction with the company gives a lot of advantages. A company can apply a variety of analysis methods to gain knowledge from data, in particular, predict what the client might want in the future. And here, for the analysis of consumer demand, the data obtained by visiting the corporate website are also actively used.

Another area in which information security can help in a crisis is the protection of company assets. It is no secret that upon dismissal, some employees may try to harm their employer by trying to disable any infrastructure elements, introducing malicious software bookmarks, or stealing important and confidential information. However, regardless of the goals and characteristics, the electronic resource not only provides the necessary information to users but also allows its owners to get just a colossal amount of information.

What Are the Main Functions of a Data Room?

The main functions of the data room are:

  • The largest cloud data storage facility allows users to store their data on servers in the cloud and share it with other users on the Internet.
  • The service makes it possible to use documents from all computers, phones, or tablets, edit documents, automatically upload photos, and share videos from anywhere.
  • Upload files for public access through the “Public” folder, which allows you to use the service as a file sharing service.
  • Ease of use – the ability to start a scheduled meeting with one click (or one click of a button) with guaranteed access for all participants.
  • Services of a virtual meeting room with access to an individual bridge for conference calls at any time. This eliminates the problem of bridging conflicts when using shared user codes.
  • Compatibility types are available for remote video endpoints that provide connectivity to a wide variety of users and terminal devices.