5 Important Deal Closing Tips from Client Services

For companies with hundreds or thousands of customers, using applied information deal closing systems is especially important.

Security Policy as an Important Deal Closing Tips

The main document regulating the security of the object of informatization is the information security policy. An information security policy is a set of rules, procedures, practices, and guidelines in the field of information security used by an organization in its activities. First of all, the policy is necessary in order to convey the goals and objectives of the company’s information security. It is necessary to understand that a security officer is not only a tool for investigating the facts of data leaks but also an assistant in minimizing the company’s risks.

When users use global servers (such as data rooms), it can affect the functionality of the geolocation-based services because requests to the authorization server are made from global servers. In the absence of the actual location of the original client, VDR responses can even invalidate services. Onsite solutions are adding more and more features, but hosting solutions may lack some critical capabilities. Therefore, it is necessary to check the presence of such important functions as synchronization, or fewer priority elements.

The object of security policy – a set of information resources, means, and information processing systems used in accordance with given information technology, as well as means of their support, premises, or objects (buildings, structures, technical means) in which these means and systems are installed, or premises and objects intended for conducting confidential negotiations.

On the information security market, many separate engineering and hardware, software and hardware are offered, cryptographic information shields, you can find a description of methods and means based on them, theoretical models of protection. However, in order to create conditions for effective protection of information at the enterprise, it is necessary to combine separate means of protection into a system. It should be remembered that the main element of this system is the person. Moreover, a person is a key element of the system and at the same time a difficult and potentially weak link in it.

So, the tasks that an enterprise can solve enterprise by implementing deal closing systems:

  • Retaining and increasing customer loyalty by providing the customer with the best quality service.
  • Increase sales through a deeper understanding of customer needs.
  • Improving the effectiveness of marketing activities due to their more accurate planning and subsequent evaluation.
  • Reducing the risk of customer withdrawal along with the dismissal of an employee.

Top 5 Tips for Deal Closing from Client Services

In accordance with the specified standard, it is necessary that the information security policy of the enterprise at least includes: the definition of information security, its general goals, and scope, as well as the disclosure of the importance of security as a tool that provides the ability to share information, a statement of the goals and principles of information security formulated by management a summary of the organization’s most significant security policies, principles, rules and requirements, such as:

  • compliance with legal requirements and contractual obligations;
  • safety training requirements; prevention and detection of viruses and other malicious software;
  • business continuity management;
  • responsibility for violations of security policy;
  • defining general and specific responsibilities of employees within the framework of information security management, including reporting information security incidents; references to documents that complement the information security policy, for example, more detailed policies and procedures for specific information systems, as well as security rules to be followed by users.